About Us



Pure In10tionz, LLC was founded with the pure intention of providing alopecia sufferers of all types with a safe and highly effective 100% natural hair loss solution. We know the frustration & disappointment of gambling your money on countless hair growth products, medicines/supplements, surgeries and/or treatments and still not receiving your desired results. And…let’s be honest… most of us don’t even know if the ingredients used in these products & medicines are even safe. At Pure In10tionz, we believe that you shouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette with your health, time, or money to grow the full healthy head of hair that you not only desire….but deserve! This is why we lovingly create natural hair care products using organic plant-based active ingredients & botanicals that are highly effective and always non-toxic. Our intention is to always provide pure vegan products that amaze you and leave you feeling deeply satisfied, while receiving the exact results that you desire and more! 

If you have any questions about our product(s), please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch. Thank you for trusting us with your rapid hair growth journey!